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Childrens Corner

Education plays a very important part of the White Shark Conservation Trusts role and covers all ages and all walks of life. Perhaps most importantly is the involvement with and reaching out to the next generations; after all, we are merely temporary custodians of the planet, and it is our duty to ensure the beauty of the world that we experience is there for future generations to equally share and enjoy.

We invite all children with an interest in sharks to email us at whitesharkconservationtrust at gmail dot com and share their sharkie artwork and thoughts with us, so we can publish their work (with their permission, of course)!

611, 2019


These wonderful drawings have been sent to us by Andrew Shaw who is about to turn 6 years old and is a huge white shark fan. We really hope his interest continues to grow! [...]

1205, 2018


Thank you to the children of Cotswold School Year 6, Room 24 and their teacher Saskia Sandford, for their awesome white shark drawings! White Shark by Isaiah, aged 10 [...]

1802, 2018


NZShark Girls Sasha is an extremely passionate and very motivated girl who loves sharks- so much so, she created her own website especially for girls who share her interest. In 2017 Sasha was one [...]

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