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Our Mission Statement

To contribute to the worldwide conservation of the Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias. To increase public awareness, dispel the myths about the great white shark and provide some hope for the species survival.


The White Shark Conservation Trust has been established to promote awareness of the need to conserve and protect the white shark, Carcharodon carcharias and to educate the public about the animal. This action was triggered by a personal desire of one of the Trustees who decided he could no longer remain an armchair environmentalist. The realisation of the absolute fragility of these creatures was brought home to Bruce Goorney on a life changing expedition to see the sharks first hand at the Neptune Islands in the Spencer Gulf, South Australia in January 2008.


Filmed in Isla de Guadalupe. This is one of the larger females that has been filmed there over the years. She is possibly second in size to ‘Deep Blue’, and instantly recognisable by her deformed caudal fin.

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"Fish are friends not food" 🐟 🦈

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Afternoon everyone, I am loathed to say it,but I think we are back to speed and fingers crossed the posting of multiple images issue is solved albeit in a round about fashion.Please bear with me. I have a new set of tracks to report on including news in from shark 28 who keeps on amazing us.. The latest is NSW Shark 40,Sharpes Beach,Female,2.59m,9/8/16 After being caught and released at Ballina back in Aug 16,this shark has not moved any further south than Bateau Bay on the Central coast over the past 18 months.Measuring up around 3.0 m by now given an annual growth rate of 300mm it would be expected to head in to Bass Strait and the southern ocean some time soon.Its movement patterns don't come as a complete surprise as fish,rays and young dolphins are their primary food source leading in to subadulthood and the NSW mid north coast has it all.The last recorded position of this shark was offshore near Broughton Island.I extend a note of extreme caution to all ocean users in this area especially rec divers. Victoria Shark 229,Main Beach,Evans Head,2.52m,24/10/17 The offshore reefs of the 90 Mile beach are a go to destination for most of the tagged east coast white sharks over the summer–autumn months.Snapper,Kingfish and Tuna frequent these waters through this period and provide feeding opportunities for sharks of all ages and sizes.This animal was last recorded in the area,its most recent postion had it situated offshore from Golden Beach. South Australia Shark 28,South Ballina,Male,3.06m,5/7/16. The coast from Portland through to Victor Harbour is recording large numbers of tuna and kingfish at the moment and this shark is on to them.Last week it was off Lady Julia Percy Island near Port Fairy and as of yesterday it reported in from waters offshore at Kingston.As you can see from previous tracks,it has returned to an area it knows well.I am interested to hear from any fishers who are,or have been,fishing along the Coorong beaches recently,it would be great to hear your observations.28 just keeps on giving,fingers crossed transmissions continue for a while yet. New Zealand Shark 179,Angourie Point,Angourie,2.82m,11/9/17 I don’t know what to say about this critter other than its track looks like that of scud missile,seemingly not deviating from its path over the past month.It appears to have passed by the Three Kings Islands and Burnt Pine Island on the ridgeline leading to New Caledonia.This doesn’t come as any great surprise as previously tagged sharks from Stewart and Chatham Islands have also headed here.Its most recent position had it situated well offshore and still heading north from the tip of the north island.A fascinating journey. Last report comes from Shark 41,South Ballina,Female,3.50m,10/8/16 Having spent the past few weeks in the waters surrounding Stewart Island including the aggregation site of Edwards Island east of Oban,this shark has now moved south.More than likely replenished its energy reserve on seals,it was last situated well offshore to the SE of Stewart.We watch this critter with much interest given it is now a young adult. And that’s it for another report,enjoy your evening folks

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Sharks in NZ Maori Culture

Many Kiwis are unaware of the cultural significance of the white shark to the Maori people.

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Why Save Sharks

So why the need to protect them, or any other shark? The need to be eco friendly, the desire to protect our planet this is something that is being increasingly embraced across the globe.

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How You Can Help

Sometimes it seems like theres a rising tide of apathy and we as individuals are powerless to stop it. This is not true there are so many things we can do, little things can send a powerful message.

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